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What Is The Difference Between A Stair Lift And A Home Elevator?

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If you are considering investing in a stairlift or home elevator to enable you to move more easily between the floors of your home, then our team can help. We have put together some of the key differences between investing in the two so you can make an informed decision.

Ultimately both of these options are feasible but one might suit your home more than the other due to the layout of your home.

What Is A Stair Lift?

Stair lifts allow the user to move up or down the stairs with ease. Sat on a rail, the chair or platform can be called using designated buttons to the desired floor. Stair lifts are a hassle free way of going between levels in your home using the existing staircase.

We stock a range of brands from Stannah, Access BDD & Bruno.

Benefits Of A Stair Lift

Stair lifts can be a more cost effective method of moving between levels of your home when compared to a home elevator. As they do not require any remodelling, they are generally easier to install.

If you get tired or out of breath easily when going up stairs, then a stair lift is an ideal choice for your home. For people with tired joints a stairlift can be perfect for helping you enjoy the other levels of your home with ease.

Stairlifts have come a long way since the traditional straight staircase models. Modern ones can be built to fit a range of staircases including curved stairs making them very versatile.

bruno Elite Curved

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Stairlift

thyssenkrupp HomeGlide

For more serious medical issues, a stair lift may not be the most suitable option for you. For minor mobility & endurance issues, a stair lift is ideal however, they can be strenuous if you have trouble moving around your home unaided.

They can seem aesthetically appealing in some homes. Whilst very functional, some people often think that they don’t suit the aesthetic or design of their home.

What Is A Home Elevator?

Home elevators or lifts can be a great solution for people who have more serious health issues or who struggle to move freely around their homes unaided. This is because they are much less strenuous than a stair lift. However, they do require some thought before investing.

Your home will need remodelling to some extent and home elevators take up much more room than a stairlift.

Benefits Of A Home Elevator

Regardless of health issues, a home elevator will benefit anybody moving between levels of their home. For wheelchair users, a home lift is ideal for being able to quickly and easily transfer between the first and second floor of your house.

Elevators in your home blend in more than a stairlift might. Integrated seamlessly into a wall, home lifts can make your house look more appealing and add value to your property.

If you unfortunately have deteriorating health conditions, a home elevator may be a better investment long term. If your condition worsens, you won’t have to look at other options in the future to still utilise the second floor of your home.

Elesse stairlift

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Home Elevator

Elesse stairlift

Home elevators are typically more expensive than stairlift options. This is generally because it requires the remodelling of your home somewhat in order to install the lift.

Due to the remodelling of your home, an elevator can take longer to install.

Unlike stairlifts which can be used for outdoor use too, home elevators are generally only suitable for indoor use.

Which Is Better Stair Lift Or Home Elevator?

In conclusion, both options are great for people who struggle to use the stairs anymore. Ultimately, it can depend on many factors  such as space in your home, budget and your individual needs.

To discover more about our range of products, take a look at our stairlift and home elevator pages.

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