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Stannah Stairlifts Newport

Stannah Stairlifts have been a renowned name in mobility equipment for many years and with that reputation comes a high quality product suitable for anybody that may struggle with their mobility. With a wide range of models designed specifically to suit a range of needs, Stannah are one of the leading manufacturers of stairlifts in the UK.

From becoming more confident using your stairs or regaining some independence round your home, our team at Dolphin Stairlifts have the perfect solution for you. Contact our team to enquire about the Stannah stairlifts we supply and install in Newport & the surrounding South Wales area.

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Siena Straight

Siena Curved

Siena – Curved & Straight

The Siena stairlift is a smart and practical piece of mobility equipment that will make a great addition to your home. 

With various woven and vinyl upholstery options to choose from this stairlift can be customised to suit the style of your home. 

With an easy fold away design this model is space saving and practical.

Coming in either straight or curved variations, the Siena stairlift is suitable for almost all staircases. Details of this model include:

Starla – Curved & Straight

The most elegantly designed Stannah stairlift, the Starla is a very popular piece of mobility equipment and has helped many with regaining their independence in their home. 

As one of the most customisable models, there are various features that ensures your comfort and safety using the stairlift.

Easily installed onto straight or curved rails, this piece of mobility equipment is suitable for almost all sets of stairs. 

This model is perfect for assisting you moving more freely up and down the stairs in your home. Product details:

Starla Straight

Starla Curved

Sadler - Curved

This concept was created with those with restricted flexibility in mind. 

It’s a better option than standard perch-style stairlifts since it encourages users to keep a more upright posture. 

Here are some of the Sadler’s other notable features:


A robust & versatile stairlift capable of use on outdoor staircases. 

Able to withstand everything the British weather can throw at it, this piece of mobility equipment will cope being left in the elements all year round. 

The key features of this model are:

Why Choose a Stannah Stairlift?

A Stannah stairlift will provide you more independence in your house by allowing you to move from one level to the next with ease. 

Stannah has provided thousands of individuals the freedom to stay in the homes they love over the last 40 years, and we can do the same for you.

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