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Signs You Should Get Your Stairlift Serviced

Stairlift servicing is an important aspect of maintenance and will ensure your lift lasts for years to come. Although you should only need to arrange a service once per year, there is a chance you’ll need to call in the professionals earlier than expected. In this guide, we share a few indications that mean you should get your stairlift serviced, as well as the importance of professional maintenance.

Your Lift Is Making An Unusual Sound

If your lift is making a strange noise such as buzzing or whirring, it’s likely an indication that something is wrong. So, should you start to notice any new sounds, be sure to schedule a service as soon as possible. Don’t delay, as this could be an indication of something stuck in the mechanism, or a larger fault with the system. 

You’re Moving More Slowly

If your lift is struggling to travel up and down the stairs, it’s time to call in the professionals. You may need the gearbox replaced or an electrical issue seeing to. Other similar signs you should arrange a service is a lift that jolts or hesitates whilst in use.

Get Your Stairlift Serviced If You Notice Damage

Although your lift may continue to function, it should still be inspected by a professional if there’s visible damage. They will be able to return your stairlift to its former glory, as well as check for any more serious faults.

How Often Should I Get My Stairlift Serviced?

To ensure your lift stands the test of time, have it serviced by a professional once per year. If you don’t, your guarantee may be voided in the event of a breakdown or needing repairs. In the instance you notice a fault with your lift, it’s important you arrange a service as soon as possible. If you delay or ignore the problem, your lift may break down. What’s more, it may cost significantly more to fix the problem than the price of a service in the first place. It goes without saying that using a faulty lift could also be dangerous and may result in injury. So, if you notice any problems, don’t risk it! Arrange a service.

To keep your stairlift in optimal condition between servicing, give it a thorough clean once per month. Ideally, you should wipe over the seat and armrests on a weekly basis for hygiene purposes.

Have Your Stairlift Serviced With Dolphin Stairlifts South Wales

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