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Investing In A Home Lift

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Unfortunately it is all too common that people develop mobility issues, whether that is through disability or growing old. However this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all aspects of your home. This is where stairlifts and home lifts come in, investing in a lift can mean moving around your home becomes easier than ever.

So if you find yourself struggling to climb the stairs or can’t due to a disability then a home lift could be the perfect solution for you. Favoured by wheelchair users due to the ease of use and access, the home lifts we supply and install are durable, stylish and can add value to your home.

We have put together this guide to help you decide whether a home lift is the right choice for you and your home. We understand that investments like this are costly and change an area of your home therefore, our dedicated team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have about our home lifts if they are not answered here. Simply contact us for help and advice.

Home lifts - What You Need To Know

When deciding on a lift for your home, there are some key considerations to take into account. For example there are several types of lift that we supply and install, all of which can be used for various purposes.

Step Lift

Used typically for small sets of steps, these lifts are perfect for homes on a raised platform in order to manoeuvre the steps safely.

Platform Lift

Working in a similar way to a Step Lift, these elevators are used to navigate larger steps or taller platforms. Ideal for placing next to small sets of steps so both can be used at the same time.

Terry Lifts Product
Terry Lifts Product

Fully enclosed Lift (FE)

Closer to a traditional elevator, these lifts typically travel through the floor of your home or building, allowing the occupants to travel from one floor to the other easily.

Open Car Lift

Typically smaller than a standard elevator, open car lifts are elevators that can travel up to 3m. Suitable for home steps or in shopping centres and places of work.

Incline Platform

Working essentially like a larger stairlift, incline platforms travel linearly to the staircase and can be installed in places unsuitable for other types of lifts.

How To Choose A Home Elevator

Ultimately, the home lift you choose will depend on several factors. Your level of mobility or disability, your budget and the amount of space available. We supply and install various different lifts that are suited to all spaces, budgets and requirements so whether you require a small step lift for your outside patio or a through the floor elevator to move between the floors of your home, our team of experienced engineers can help.

Lifts For Smaller Spaces

Lifts can be cumbersome and so you may think that your home may not be suitable for a home elevator however, we supply some lifts that have space-conscious designs in order to make the most of the space available in your home. From fully enclosed units to open car versions, we’re sure our team of experts will be able to assist you with choosing a space-saving option.

Step Lifts

With many homeowners having a step up to their front doors or a step down to their garden, step lifts are very important for accessing your home from your outside spaces. With many options available, the step elevators we supply and install are perfect for wheelchair users and people with debilitating mobility to access their home easily.

Found in shopping centres, towns and cities often, step lifts are a fast and functional way for people to manoeuvre a small set of stairs with little to no hold up for others as they can be integrated completely with the steps depending on space.

Advantages To A Home Lift

Installing a home elevator is a big decision and can significantly change the interior of your home so investing in a home elevator should be considered carefully. There are many reasons to installing a home elevator such as:

  • Members of the household experience fatigue climbing the stairs.
  • Carrying additional objects to other floors of your home is difficult.
  • Difficulties with balance, energy levels & joint stiffness.
  • Possible future mobility problems or debilitating disabilities.


A home lift will ensure easy and effortless movement between the floors of your home for anybody suffering with mobility issues or if you wish to carry objects between floors such as laundry.

Home Lift Styles

The lifts that we supply and install all have their own design and characteristics that may suit your home more than others. Some of our models such as the Terry Lifts FE Lift which is very space-conscious to the Wessex Lift Elesse Luxury Lift, also space conscious but with a very chic and modern design.

For More Information On Home Lifts, Contact Us

Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers have years of experience in the industry and are more than happy to offer help and advice on all of our products. We can come and assess your situation and recommend the best possible home lift options based on your space. Call us on 0800 093 2293 or contact us.

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