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How To Use Your Mobility Equipment Safely

If you have access to mobility equipment, we have put together a few tips to help use them safely and prevent any injuries. They’re important to help you move from A to B, so they should be used correctly.

Mobility Equipment: Follow The Instructions

When equipment is supplied to you, they come with safety instructions. These shouldn’t be discarded like any other leaflet. Your movement is important, so we want to make sure the equipment is being used properly and without harm. Make sure the instructions are studied so you know what you can do in case of emergency.

For instance, when we install a stairlift we talk you through using it correctly, so you can have peace of mind you know how to use your mobility equipment.

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Stairlift Safety

Stairlifts can bring a lot of independence to someone who struggles with steps. If you have a stairlift, there are a few things to know when using it. Here are just a few pointers when it comes to using the stairlift with care:

Check out our full blog on stairlift safety for more information on using mobility equipment with care.

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Home Lift Safety

A home lift is quite a large device. With heavy machinery, it’s important that the rules are followed. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the emergency features to be prepared. Also, if there are younger children that may have access to the lift, it’s important to discuss the correct way of using mobility equipment. Any playing around or jumping in the elevator may cause problems. To ensure their safety, make sure they are supervised.

Regular Maintenance Is Important

To use mobility equipment safely, they must be in good working condition. To ensure everything is up to standard, get regular inspections. These can help flag up and fix any problems that may occur. To keep you or a loved one safe, make sure regular maintenance is carried out as per the product recommendations. Check out our blog on stairlift maintenance to find out more.

Get In Touch With Us About Mobility Equipment Safety

If you need any advice on mobility equipment, Dolphin Stairlifts can help you. We can assist with any questions on concerns of safety. Our team are Trading Standards Approved, so you can be sure we install kit to the highest standard. Contact us now!

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