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How Energy Efficient Is Your Stairlift?

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In an age where we’re more energy efficient and savvy with our recycling, a natural addendum to the conversation is to ask: how green is my stairlift? They are large machines that require a lot of energy to work, but their efficacy and impact on the environment may surprise you. Keep reading to find out how your stairlift impacts your carbon footprint and your wallet.

Cost On Your Energy Bill

There are two types of stairlifts: AC (electricity powered) and DC (battery powered). The latter is more popular than the former, which is detrimental to your electricity bill. Thankfully, AC is more old-fashioned, so they are falling out of favour with consumers. A DC stairlift, however, doesn’t need copious amounts of electricity to work. Since it’s battery powered, it doesn’t require a direct connection to your energy mains. Once you’ve installed your stairlift, you’ll barely notice any changes to your monthly electric bill. Your batteries will need periodically charged by your electricity outlets, which is the only time it’ll be used. Battery replacements are mercifully infrequent, which saves your hard-earned cash or pension.

Generally, the energy cost of a stairlift is comparable to a small household appliance, despite their substantial size and mammoth purpose. This is due to the efficiency of their battery-powered design that only takes electricity when it needs it. As well as having a miniscule affect on your energy bill, your stairlift will be unbothered by power cuts. This means you can traverse your stairs with minimal impact on the environment, regardless if you have electricity or not!

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Environmental Benefits Of A Stairlift

Now that we’ve covered their energy efficiency and how it affects your finances, what are the environmental benefits? The low cost of running a stairlift makes it a great eco-conscious addition to your household, and that’s a benefit in itself! A stairlift will reduce the greenhouse emissions that your household produces, so you can invest in one regardless of age. Stairlifts are highly recyclable and many manufacturers offer a buy-back policy when you no longer need one. This saves unnecessary trips to landfill, which reduces strain on the environment. Instead, they are refurbished and sold to new customers, or broken down for new parts.

Not only are stairlifts energy efficient, but buying a refurbished one is taking massive steps toward reducing your carbon footprint. Here at Dolphin Stairlifts, we provide a range of refurbished stairlifts that don’t sacrifice quality, price or comfort! Following the purchase of refurbished models, less materials for new machines will be mined, which is a damaging process for the environment. Plus, they’re cheaper to boot without sacrificing quality. A better option all-around.

Invest In An Energy Efficient Stairlift With Dolphin Stairlifts

If you’re in the market for a stairlift, contact Dolphin Stairlifts Newport today on 0800 093 2293. Our friendly and expert team are available to assist with any queries or concerns. We sell products by some of the biggest household brands, such as Stannah, Bruno and Access BDD. We also provide other products for home mobility, including home lifts, handi-move products and platform lifts. Our prices are competitive, so you’re receiving a quality product for an exceptional price. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

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