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The Benefits Of Installing A Home Lift

A home lift installation is a useful addition to any residence. If you’ve got mobility issues, they’re essential for getting from floor to floor. This is the main use of the device, but there are lots more advantages of owning an elevator. Here are the benefits of having one.


If you or someone you live with have issues with mobility and accessibility, then a home lift installation can give you the freedom to navigate the whole house. It can be defeating being confined to one floor when you’re unable to get up the stairs. One of the biggest advantages of home lifts is that they allow you to easily travel throughout a property as and when you wish.

Practical Uses

This equipment is usually a necessary addition, however, it also has some useful perks. It’s not only great for transporting people, but you can put belongings in there as well. Heavy items that are hard to carry down the stairs might benefit from the luxury of an elevator. If a member of your family has mobility issues, there won’t be any risk to them or you by transporting them up and down the stairs.

Terry Lifts Product

Home Lift Installations Add Value

Should you choose to leave a lift behind, it might add some value onto your property. If you ever come to sell your house, this might be a great point of interest. Stairs can be dangerous to younger children and the elderly, as they’re easy to slip or fall down. Home lifts are sought after for people who have these concerns. They’re also ideal for buyers on the market who have accessibility requirements, as it will save them a lot of time making a house suitable.

Future Proofing

It’s inevitable that as we get older, we may start to struggle with day-to-day tasks. Having an elevator means that you’re prepared for when things might start to get harder, or if any unexpected problems crop up. They are easier on our joints than stairs are, so this might be a favourable option as a preventative measure.

Stylish Additions

Lifts aren’t as clunky as they once were. The Wessex Elesse is a great example of luxury design that adds style to any house. Home lifts are practical first and foremost, but it’s a welcome extra that they come in sleek designs that go with the decor. 

Get In Touch With Us Today For Quality Home Lift Installations

At Dolphin Starlifts, we can help find an elevator that’s suitable for you and your house. If you want a safer, more accessible property, then investing in a home lift is perfect for you. We have a range of options from brands like Wessex and Terry. Contact our team today for quality supply and installation.

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