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Clean stairlift pared at bottom of stairs

Advice For Keeping Your Stairlift Clean

Understanding how to keep your stairlift clean is important for both maintenance and safety purposes. What’s more, the better you look after your lift, the longer it will serve you! Keeping it clean and in good condition will also improve the overall appearance and hygiene of your home. To find out our advice for cleaning your stairlift, continue reading. 

Please consult the user manual to find out if there are any important cleaning tips or warnings specific to your model.

Park & Switch Off Your Stairlift

Make sure your lift is situated at the bottom of your staircase before you start cleaning. It’s important you park it at the bottom rather than the top, as you could risk tripping up the steps or even falling down them. Additionally, ensure your stairlift is safely switched off to prevent accidents happening during cleaning. If you leave it on, you may get knocked over or carried away unexpectedly, which could result in injury. It is also unsafe to use water or cleaning products around live electrical items.

Dust The Rail

Dusting the rail is a good place to start when you begin your cleaning regimen. To ensure that any dust or debris is removed, take your time with this step. Keeping the track clean will allow your lift to travel efficiently without getting debris stuck in the mechanisms. After dusting, wipe away any stubborn grime with a slightly damp cloth. Make sure you are in a comfortable, balanced stance to ensure your safety as you clean up the staircase.

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Clean The Seat & Armrests

Keeping the seat and armrests clean can prevent unsightly stains from accumulating on your stairlift. Not to mention, it will also help to eradicate any harmful bacteria from developing. Begin by soaking a cloth in a solution of hot water and washing up liquid.  Once the cloth has been thoroughly wringed, start gently wiping over the lift. It’s a good idea to clean the armrests before moving onto the rest of the lift. Frequently re-dipping the cloth will also help to prevent dirt from being smudged around. Lastly, wipe over the footrest and your lift will be spick and span!

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