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5 Misconceptions When Purchasing A Stairlift

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We understand that investing in a stairlift for your home can seem like a big decision. It requires work being done to your staircase and a financial investment so it’s important for us to debunk some of the common misconceptions around stairlifts.

The 5 we’ll mention here are some of the most common misconceptions we are asked about regularly and will help clear up any worries you may have before purchasing new mobility equipment.

1. Stairlifts Are Too Big For My Stairs

First of all this may be a valid question as many homes have narrow staircases and therefore a typical stairlift may not fit comfortably. Despite the fact that the staircase may be too narrow for the chair to manoeuvre efficiently, the real measurement our engineers concentrate on the most is how far the user’s knees protrude as they are often what extend out the most.

Once our engineers understand the area of furthest protrusion, they can adjust many areas of the stairlift to leave enough room for you to safely travel up your staircase using the mobility equipment. If there is still too little of a safe gap then there are other solutions such as perch style stairlifts that mean the user stands slightly perched on a seat thereby saving room on the staircase.

Other mobility equipment alternatives include the installation of a home elevator that can be fitted through the floors of your property. It’s also important to note that seats and armrests of a stairlift can be folded away when the mobility equipment is not in use.

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2. Stairlifts Are Expensive

We understand that the cost of a stairlift is important to our customers and some can carry varying price tags. However, these mobility equipment options have remained a similar price for many years now with new models offering many more options compared to older options such as; powered swivel seats and other options that can improve your quality of life.

We offer our customers many different stairlift options that can suit any budget. Our trusted advisors can talk you through the most suitable models for your home and price range.

We sell both brand new stairlifts and high quality reconditioned stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases. These reconditioned options are fully tested and specific components are replaced before being installed in your home meaning you can have a high quality branded stairlift at a much more affordable price.

3. Will My Walls Support A Stairlift?

Many of the customers we have helped with mobility equipment come to us worried that their walls may not cope with the additional weight of a stairlift. However, typically stairlifts aren’t connected to the wall at all. This means that no additional weight will be added to your walls that could possibly cause damage.

Almost all stairlifts are installed to the treads on a staircase. The support feet that keep the rails attached are fixed to the treads of your staircase. Our team of installers can talk you through exactly where the stairlift is attached as it is specific to your home. Anybody anxious about investing in a stairlift due to the possibility their plaster or wall may be damaged, need not worry.

4. Stairlifts Are Expensive To Run

With the advances in technology, stairlifts are constantly becoming more energy efficient. As a general rule, modern stairlifts are on par or more efficient than most household appliances.

The stairlifts we supply and install all comply with the European Directives meaning they are safe to use and as energy efficient as possible. With many models having trickle charge batteries, the cost to charge a stairlift is between 10-20p per day.

5. Stairlifts Become Useless In Power Cuts

This once was the case however, advances in the technology used means that the stairlifts are fitted with DC batteries that are trickle charged via mains electricity throughout the day. So if you do get a power cut at any point, the battery will make sure that you can still use your stairlift easily until the power switches back on.

The DC battery is a great safety feature too. If you get stuck upstairs during a powercut, you can rest assured that your stairlift will still work for you. On average a fully charged battery can last up to 4 whole days without the need to charge it. This is with regular journeys throughout the day.

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For more information on stairlifts and how they can help you regain your independence around your home, contact our team of trusted advisors. From straight to curved models, new and reconditioned we can help you decide on the best option for your needs and budget.

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